Why Thoth Company

Thoth Company was created by owner Shawn Moloney after noticing the need for thought leaders in business. Shawn spent the past thirteen years growing two successful businesses from the ground up, selling one and maintaining the other. Shawn is also a member of many business associations and has always been influential in the success of other businesses. 

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Named after Thoth, the Egyptian god of thought, Thoth Company’s main goal is to create original thought for your business. The ancient Egyptians believed Thoth to be the creator of writing, religion, philosophy, math, medicine, botany, civilized government, reading, magic, science, and the judging of the dead. He was also a master of physical and moral law and was most commonly depicted as a human with the head of an ibis or baboon. The wisdom and diversity contained within the figure of Thoth, stand as a symbol of the encompassing nature and creativity of Thoth Company’s business consulting.

Thoth Company will travel anywhere in the world and work seamlessly with your people. Our ability to source highly trained and well-weathered professionals means you always get the right person for the job. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, simply get in touch with Thoth Company and we will handle the rest.


Financial Adviser

Robert Kania

❝ Thoth Company is able to synthesize high-level strategic thinking with on-the-ground practical knowledge. They're a valued partner, consistently providing thoughtful ideas and actionable recommendations geared to helping my business grow. ❞

Laurentide Advisory


Spencer Hinkle

❝ Working with Thoth has been a game changer! Their insight is top notch and their creativity and expertise in entrepreneurship are on the forefront of thinking. They have an amazing team that will help you in accomplishing whatever it is that you need. I would highly recommend them to anybody with a business that they're looking to grow and expand. ❞

Wholistic Partnership Solutions

CEO & Veteran

Dan Giachetti

❝ Thoth consulting has really expanded my horizons as an entrepreneur. The foundation for my new business is as solid as they come. I highly recommend them. Thanks you to their entire team. ❞

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