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Thoth Company is a consulting group that works with companies to nurture and induce original thought to solve problems in a business environment

No matter what the size of the company, doing business in the modern day environment can be very complex and requires endless collaboration. The modern day consumer has become so connected to big brands that in order to succeed your brand must stand out. The consistent need to keep up can lead to inner team conflicts in the quest to find success when in reality with a little creativity your team could have lead the way.

At Thoth Company we help solve these problems working with all types of businesses; helping them through growth strategies, technology implementation, and problem solving. Thoth Company provides its clients with out-of-the-box ideas to create unique solutions for unique issues utilizing systemization and automation strategies. 

As a consulting firm, we understand that a solution that worked for one company may not be the solution for your company. During our original consultation we will come up with a data driven solution planning your company's path towards greater success. We specialize in Startups, Business Turnarounds, Growth Strategies, and Pre-Sale Planning.

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Financial Adviser

Robert Kania

❝ Thoth Company is able to synthesize high-level strategic thinking with on-the-ground practical knowledge. They're a valued partner, consistently providing thoughtful ideas and actionable recommendations geared to helping my business grow. ❞

Laurentide Advisory


Spencer Hinkle

❝ Working with Thoth has been a game changer! Their insight is top notch and their creativity and expertise in entrepreneurship are on the forefront of thinking. They have an amazing team that will help you in accomplishing whatever it is that you need. I would highly recommend them to anybody with a business that they're looking to grow and expand. ❞

Wholistic Partnership Solutions

CEO & Veteran

Dan Giachetti

❝ Thoth consulting has really expanded my horizons as an entrepreneur. The foundation for my new business is as solid as they come. I highly recommend them. Thanks you to their entire team. ❞

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